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Aeromar is a leading consultancy company specialized in analysis and knowledge of two very specific sectors: oorporate aviation and yatching, and offers a full managment to all matters relataed to personal or business trips.

  • Selecton of best operators: aircrafts and yatchs
  • All  prodecures related to the possible purchase or sales of a private aircraft or yatch, it’s integral operation, maintenance and commercial operation.
  • Management and retrieval of records, operator licenses etc.. if any.
  • The development and feasibility analysis  in related business operations

All with complete independence in the analysis and recommendation to clients on operators, aircraft or yatchs, costs, insurance, maintenance, licenses etc.


Aeromar associated professionals, specialists over many years in our business sectors, gives us the oportunity to offer assurance, reliability and independence in advising our clients, providing a precise analysis of the costs of each investment transaction or if as well as specialized legal assistance in hiring or in commercial management and operation of their own unit acquired or in the inspection, maintenance, repair and maintenance of any private aircraft or recreational craft, to obtain certification of airworthiness or seaworthiness and ensure the safety and comfort of use.


  • In corporate aviation: People whose time is very appreciated and need access to a way of transport that allows schedule flexibility, privacy, excellent comfort, efficiency and quickness, both rented as owned aircraft acquisition.
  • Recreational Boating: People who find navigation leisure and relaxation the best combination , or entities using this tool in the development of relationship marketing activities and communication
  • Investors who wish to participate in any way in these sectors and provide an operating company.
  • Established companies that need to reorganize, improve and promote their operations and market share.
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